Senior Projects

Senior Projects

Miranda Gauss - Final Project
"Planting Mosaic" by Miranda Gauss 2017


  • Boitano, Angela. The Adjustable Parklet Project
  • Findling, Brandon.  Public Living Room: Community Activation Through Pop Up Parklets
  • Gauss, Miranda. Elevating Landform Aesthetic and Use
  • Guo, Xuexiao. Designing Drought-Tolerant Demonstration Garden
  • Hardiman, Radiance. Infill Revitalization - Vacaville
  • Hu, Francis. Vacaville Mixed-Use Plaza Design
  • Jiang, Macey. Trianon Way Redesign
  • Lian, Jin. Lagoon Valley Park: Celebrate the history and culture
  • Moininazeri, Omeid. Lighting Technologies and Public Space: Reclaiming the Night
  • Nelson, Kate. Rocky Hill Trail - Master Plan
  • Pham, John. A New Farmer's Market of Vacaville
  • Wang, Jiahao. Game Engine - A New Tool for Landscape Architecture Design
  • Wu, Borru. Basic Fengshui Design Principles - A Way of Designing
  • Xu, Tianyun. Re-Imaging Centennial Park
  • Zhang, Xiaowen. Water Story







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