Student Spotlight

Mariloli Barcena-Martinez has been selected to be our first Student Spotlight to recognize her for her outstanding initiative in helping us develop a more user friendly website!

Mariloli Barcena-MartinezMariloli Barcena-Martinez is an undergraduate student who aspires to be an Occupational Therapist. She is hard at work in cementing the appropriate stepping stones to a fulfilling future. As a Human Development major, she has learned about the intricate play of environmental and biological factors in the atypical development of a person. Mariloli’s goal is to use her acquired knowledge in Human Development as well as the skills she gains volunteering to serve individuals in the community who are faced with disadvantages in their lives. She has slowly started working towards this goal by joining programs like Best Buddies where she hopes to improve the social life of young adults with disabilities and by her volunteer work at the UC Davis Medical Center where she has comforted acutely and chronically ill children. She hopes this is only the wellspring of a longer list to come, the epitome of the list-- becoming an Occupational Therapist. Most of her extracurricular activities mirror her passions: her major and her career. Mariloli wants to continue to grow as a person by adding hobbies and experiences that are distinct from her life’s pursuit. Indeed, this biography would have not been possible had she not taken an interest in the Human Ecology website and its organization. With that being said, she wants to thank the administration in the Human Ecology department who nominated her as the first student spotlight. Lastly, Mariloli also would like to thank those of you who took the time to read the biography.