Research Colloquia Series


Spring Quarter 2024


June 3

J.J. Manson - President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis

Indigeneity in cities: Recognition, misrecognition, and the economic stories of Indigenous persons in British Columbia

April 29

Dave Campbell - Emeritus Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Human Ecology

Democracy’s Hidden Heroes: Fitting Policy to People and Place

April 8

Sarah McMillan - Ph.D. Candidate, Human Development Graduate Group

The Developmental Neuroscience of Adolescent Substance Abuse

Clare Cannon - Associate Professor, Department of Human Ecology

Toxic Air Pollutants in California Environmental Justice Communities


Winter Quarter 2024


February 12

Ahna Ballonoff Suleiman - Executive Director, Center for Regional Change, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Leveraging the Science of Adolescence to Strengthen Youth Engagement

Claire Napawan - Professor, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design, Department of Human Ecology

Co-Design Methods in Placemaking

January 23

Sudikshya Bhandari - Geography PhD Candidate 

Experiences from the UC Davis Nepal study abroad program

Jennifer Falbe - Associate Professor Human Ecology 

The health & sustainability costs of partnering with BIG soda: UC Davis & higher education more broadly