Sample careers in our undergraduate Human Ecology programs:

Community Development (B.S.)

Community education (i.e. ESL, environmental, parent support)

City planning and economic development

Youth advocate/organizer

Nonprofit administration

Human Development (B.S.)

K12 teaching (with certification)

Health sciences (with professional training)

Child care (teacher, director)

Landscape Architecture

Public agencies (Cal Trans, State Parks, City/County/National Parks)

Professional design offices (urban design, ecological planning, recreational facilities, etc.)

Private practice (residential, designbuild)

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Farming and ranching

Education/community organizing and development

International development

Sample careers in our graduate Human Ecology programs:

Child Development (M.S.)

Education (teacher, specialist, administrator)

Child care (teacher, administrator, counselor)

Social service, community agencies

Community Development (M.S.)

Government agencies/Cooperative Extension

Economic development and housing corporations

Land trusts, farmland preservation organization

Nonprofits and public interest groups

Geography (M.A. & PhD)

University educator and researcher

Government agencies (Forestry, USDA, Cal Trans)

Private sector and nonprofits (research, communication, data analysis)

Human Development (PhD)

University educator and researcher

Government agencies (research;, program evaluation, policy development)

Nonprofits and social service agencies (nonprofit boards, administration)