Our Majors

We are pleased that you are considering a degree from the Human Ecology Department. We offer five undergraduate majors and host three graduate programs.

Our undergraduate majors are:

Community and Regional Development

Develop an understanding of how economic, political and sociocultural forces are transforming U.S. communities, while building skills to improve the quality of communal life. Read more about our Community and Regional Development major on the following blogs: A Major for Empowering Students to Create Their Own Future and What Our Community and Regional Development Majors Do

Experience of Graduating Seniors

Human Development

Explore the developmental process in humans by studying emotional, social, and cognitive aspects throughout the life cycle. Read more about our Human Development major here

Landscape Architecture

Use creativity and develop visual and technological skills to design parks, neighborhoods and urban open spaces for the use of communities and conservation of the environment. Fully accredited.

Sustainable Environmental Design

Build skills related to the creation of sustainable communities and landscapes.

Our graduate programs are:

Community Development Graduate Group

Community development is the process of working with groups of people to achieve common goals.

Geography Graduate Group

Human Development Graduate Group