Research Units

Students must complete a research contract in order to obtain CRD 099/199 units. Contracts can be found here or in one of the wooden file holders outside our office.

All completed contracts (signed by Faculty Sponsor/Principal Investigator: PI) must be returned to Jana Krezo via email or in 1302 Hart Hall during the following office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00A & 1:00-2:00P

  • Department deadline for Fall, Winter, Spring: 10th day of instruction
  • Deadline for Summer Sessions I & II: Last day to add

Required Hours = Units
30 hours = 1 unit
60 hours = 2 units
90 hours = 3 units
120 hours = 4 units

CRD Faculty Research

Brazil, Noli Consequences of large-scale urban trends and interventions, focusing on inequality, particularly at the neighborhood level; the residential mobility of young adults, with a focus on its determinants and consequences for neighborhood attainment and individual health and socioeconomic status; Hispanic migration, specifically its consequences on children and its broader impact on population redistribution in the United States.

Brinkley, Catherine - Healthy Food Access, Farm-City Networks, On-Farm Clean Energy Solutions, One Health, Place-Based Public Health Intervention, Econometric Amenity Evaluation

Campbell, David – Intersection between public policy and community development processes at the local level.  Focus on governance, civic engagement, citizenship, and economic development.

Cannon, Clare Political Economy and the environment, global and urban sustainability, gender and society, feminist and queer theories, and quantitative methodologies

Galt, Ryan - People-environment geography; Cultural and political ecology; Agricultural and Environmental governance; Political economy of sustainable agriculture; Cartographic design.

Guarnizo, Luis - Ethnicity/Hispanics in the US; Immigrant entrepreneurship; International migration; Economic sociology; Comparative international development.

Gupta, Clare - Translational and interdisciplinary research, alternative food networks and community food systems, food politics and agro-food movements (e.g. local food, food sovereignty), community-based resource management 

Kenney, Martin - Globalization, venture capital, development of innovative clusters, evolution of high-technology industries, the relocation of services to developing nations

Koundinya, Vikram - Program evaluation, needs assessments and other extension educational processes.

Lacy, William -Sociology of science, organization and structure of agricultural research and extension (U.S. and international), social psychology of education and outreach, international research and higher education policy and practices

London, Jonathan –Environmental justice, Environmental/ natural resource policy, Community and youth participation, Political ecology, Rural development, Social movements

Tomich, Tom -Agricultural sustainability, sustainable food systems, sustainability metrics and indicators, sustainability science

Visser, M. Anne - The informal economy, non-standard work arrangements, low wage labor markets, governance, the role of state and non-state actors in promoting urban economic development and social equality and equity through policy and advocacy.