CRD Minor Requirements

Community Development Minor

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The Minor in Community Development is designed to introduce students to community development theory, to analytic and research skills pertinent to the field, and to the role of organizations and critical issues in community development.

Note: Only one course from the list of classes for the minors below can overlap between your major and minor. All minor classes must be taken for the letter grade. If you elect more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common.  

All units to complete the minor must come from CRD course work
(No Substitutions and no exceptions!)

Students must take the following core course:
               CRD 1 The Community                                                                  4 units

In addition, students must select FIVE courses from the following:
              CRD 118 Technology and Society                                                  4 units
              CRD 140 Political Economy of Regional Development                4 units
              CRD 141 Organization of Economic Space                                   4 units
              CRD 142 Rural Change in the Industrialized World                      4 units
              CRD 147 Community Youth Development                                    4 units
              CRD 149 Community Development and Environmental Justice 4 units
              CRD 150 Quantitative Community Research Methods                5 units
              CRD 151 Community Field Research: Theory & Analysis             5 units
              CRD 152 Community Development                                              4 units
              CRD 153A/B/C International Community Development              4 units
              CRD 154 Social Theory and Community Change                        4 units
              CRD 156 Community Economic Development                            5 units
              CRD 157 Politics and Community Development                          4 units
              CRD 158 Community Governance                                                4 units
              CRD 162 People, Work and Technology                                      5 units
              CRD 164 Theories in Organizational Change                              5 units
              CRD 171 Housing & Social Policy                                                  4 units
              CRD 172 Social Inequality: Issues and Innovations                     4 units
              CRD 176 Comparative Ethnicity                                                    4 units
              CRD 180 Transnational Community Development                      4 units
                                                                    TOTAL UNITS FOR MINOR: 24 units
Please visit the CRD Advising Center in 1303 Hart Hall for more information on declaring your CRD minor.