Community & Regional Development Major (CRD B.S.)

It is the policy of the CRD Major that CRD students must be enrolled in a Summer Session (either I or II), and complete a faculty-signed academic contract, if they wish to receive unit credit for research or internship work done during the summer months.

All classes that you are taking to satisfy major requirements (i.e., lower and upper division classes, English classes) must be taken for a letter grade.                 

(A PDF version of the major evaluation form is available here.)

Preparatory Subject Matter

Community Development                             CRD 1                                                 
Ethnicity and American Communities          CRD 2
Social Science Theory                                   ANT 2 or SOC 1   
Economic Theory                                           ECN 1A or 1B                                                   
Statistics and Research                                 STA 13 or 32 or SOC 46B                            
Computer Science                                         PLS 21 or ECS 15                                    

Depth Subject Matter

Comparative Community Change               CRD 142, 152, 153 A or B or C,
                                                                       164, 172, 176 or 180 (12-13 units)                         
Economics of Community Change              CRD 118, 140, 141, 162 or IAD 103 (8 units)
Political Processes & Community Change  CRD 147, 149, 154, 157, 158, or 171 (8 units)
Methods for Community Research              CRD 150, CRD 151, or CRD 156 (4-5 units)
                                                                                      & EDU 114, LDA 150, SOC 103, SOC 106,
                                                                        CMN 102, or STA 102 (choose one, 4-5 units)
Internship                                                       CRD 192  (P/NP grading, 4 units)

Areas of Specialization (Tracks):

Identify two tracks and take 20 units from each. One course from each track must be a CRD course or Take 40 units from one track with two CRD courses. Consult the CRD tracks handouts to identify an emphasis for suitable courses in your Area of Specialization. Up to 4 units of CRD 192, 198 or 199 (variable unit course work) may be counted toward this requirement.  These 40 units may not overlap with the 40 units from the depth subject matter. 


Written/Oral Expression 

One year (3 quarters) of English (one course must be an upper division course at UC Davis or equivalent 4 year institution). Test given by Letters and Science not applicable.
Two courses from: ENL 3, UWP 1, 18, 19, 101, or 104 A-E,  UWP 102, COM 1, 2, 3, 4, NAS 5, or CMN 1 
Additional English required course for Major: UWP 101, 102 series, 104 series