Spring Quarter 2020

  • How can I receive advising while the advising office is closed?
  • Advising appointments are still going on! You can meet with Jana or Galyna, as peer advisors are unable to hold meetings since the office is closed. You can make a remote appointment with Jana on OASIS still, or you can contact Galyna or Jana to schedule an appointment. Peer advisors are available for questions and can be reached at HCDadvising@udavis.edu.
  • What should I do if I just have a quick question and don’t need a whole appointment?
  • For the time being (Spring Quarter 2020), send an email to HCDadvising@ucdavis.edu, which is how the peer advisors can be reached to answer questions that you have while we’re all social distancing. You can expect a response from them within 48 hours during normal business hours (9AM-5PM), and any questions sent in on the weekends should receive an answer by early the next week. You can also call (530) 752-1805 to reach our advising assistant (and the general office once campus is open) to help direct you to any resources you may need!

Major Requirements

  • What are the requirements to switch into CRD?
  • The only entry requirement for the CRD major is to be in good academic standing. Once you are in good academic standing, you can make an appointment with our major advisors. Please visit here for information about CRD advising appointments and here for full major requirement details.
  • Can I take classes at a community college and have them count toward the major?
  • Yes! Any lower division course, except for CRD 1 and CRD 2 (which are relatively exclusive to UC Davis) can be fulfilled through transfer credit. This includes lower division writing experience courses. Check assist.org to see if the courses you have taken/want to take at another college will articulate to the required UC Davis course. Please note that all upper-division courses (including the upper-division writing experience requirement) must be taken at UC Davis since community college courses are all lower-division level.
  • Can Advanced Placement (AP) test score credit count toward the CRD major?
  • Yes! However, you will need to have received certain scores to count as credit toward the major. AP transfer credit can fulfill the following courses:
    ECN 1A: 3, 4, or 5 in AP Microeconomics
    ECN 1B: 3, 4, or 5 in AP Macroeconomics
    ECS 15: 3, 4, or 5 in AP Computer Science Principles
    ENL 3 or UWP 1: 4 or 5 in AP English Language and Composition or a 4 or 5 in AP English Literature and Composition - Please note that only one of these courses, ENL 3 or UWP 1, can count toward the major.
    STA 13: 4 or 5 in AP Statistics
    If you’ve taken an AP test and didn’t receive a high enough score for course credit, the corresponding course must be taken for a letter grade for the CRD major requirement.
  • Can I use a CRD course to count toward depth subject matter AND my track?
  • The two required CRD courses that you must take for your track can not overlap at all with the courses you take for depth subject matter. For example, if you take CRD 164, it can count toward depth subject matter or your track, but not both.
  • Is it possible to double major with CRD?
  • Yes, but it does require careful planning, approval and support from both major advisors and the CAES Dean's Office.
  • What is the internship requirement?
  • Please consult the CRD internship page. There you will find information about units, criteria, the approval process, and relevant resources.
  • Can I take my major or minor classes for P/NP?
  • No, all major classes, even with the new changes made to P/NP rulings, must be taken for a letter grade. However, if you are planning on taking any non-major classes (like FST 10, PLS 6, GEL 10, etc.), you can take those classes P/NP and still be able to use them for GE requirements. The deadline to choose P/NP as your grading for classes is June 4th, 2020, but again, all major classes (including restricted electives) need to be taken for a letter grade.

Planning Your Schedule

  • How can I find out if/when an CRD class is/will be offered and who is/will be teaching?
  • All the CRD course offerings and their schedules by quarter are posted one quarter ahead on the course schedules page. Courses slated to be offered are posted a year ahead on the annual plan page. Course offerings are subject to change. Updates reflecting any changes are posted within a few days of finalization.
  • What if a class I want/need to take isn’t being offered or I can’t get into the class?
  • Take a different class that fulfills the same requirement. If there is not another class being offered that quarter that can fulfill the same requirement, take a class that can fulfills a different requirement.
  • Any tips on planning my schedule?
  • Don’t take your lower-division economics and statistics courses during the same quarter. Both courses can be challenging and overwhelming. We do, however, recommend completing these courses within your first year at UC Davis.
    Keep in mind that CRD courses are typically reading and writing heavy. Knowing whether you thrive or struggle with these kinds of assignments will help you create a schedule that works well for you.
    If possible, don’t leave the internship requirement (CRD 192) for your last quarter. Completing this requirement can be complex at times, and things happen! Some students have had to postpone their graduation dates because of complications.

Planning for Graduation

  • What if I am graduating in Spring 2020?
  • You should have received an email from Galyna Erdman about major certifications. Major certifications are currently being processed, and you will receive an email once your major certification gets approved. Do not forget to check your general education, college, and university requirements with the CAES Dean’s Office. If you have any questions, Galyna can be reached at gerdman@ucdavis.edu or (530)752-2244.
  • When can I make a graduation plan?
  • Once you have reached junior standing (meaning you have taken 90 or more units), you can schedule an appointment to make a graduation plan. 
  • How do I make sure all my requirements are complete and I am ready to graduate?
  • Before you can graduate, you will need to meet with an academic advisor for a degree check. The quarter before you plan on graduating is the best time to do this. You can set up an appointment for a degree check with Galyna Erdman via email (gerdman@ucdavis.eduor by phone (530) 752-2244.
    • To prepare for this appointment, you can consult the major evaluation form found on the major requirements page as well as your academic plans and the degree worksheet on OASIS to see the completed and remaining requirements. We also suggest that you write down any questions you may have.
      In addition to the CRD major requirements, you can check your general education, college, and university requirements by contacting the CAES Dean’s Office. Note: If you are double majoring and your other major is housed in a different college, you will need to contact the appropriate Dean’s Office to check these requirements as well.