Vikram Koundinya

Vikram Koundinya

Position Title
Assistant Evaluation Specialist in Cooperative Extension

Community & Regional Development


Research Interests: Program evaluation, needs assessments and other extension educational processes.

Research Philosophy: Conduct research to inform evaluation practice (designing and implementing evaluations and evaluation capacity building) and use the experience from practice to conduct further research.

Biography: As an Assistant CE Evaluation Specialist, I intend to conduct research to inform the evaluation practice of ANR colleagues and relevant stakeholders, and work with them to build their evaluation capacity. Prior to joining UC Davis, I served as an Evaluation Specialist at the Environmental Resources Center of University of Wisconsin (UW)-Extension, where I worked with extension educators and project partners to plan, develop and implement evaluation of agricultural, conservation and environmental programs. Before joining UW-Extension, I worked as a Postdoc at the University of Connecticut and Iowa State University, supporting the evaluation of agricultural, extension and economic development programs. I have a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from A.N.G.R. Agricultural University in India, and a master’s and doctoral degrees in Agricultural and Extension Education from A.N.G.R. Agricultural University and Iowa State University, respectively.

Selected Publications

       Koundinya, V., Klink, J., & Widhalm, M (2017). A tool for usability testing of online resources. Journal of Extension, 55(3), 3TOT2.

       Klink, J., Koundinya, V., Kies, K., Robinson, C., Rao, A., Berezowitz, C., Widhalm, M., & Prokopy, L. (2017). Enhancing interdisciplinary climate change work through comprehensive evaluation. Climate Risk Management, 15, 109-125. doi: 10.1016/j.crm.2016.11.003.

       Koundinya, V., Klink, J., Deming, P., Meyers, A., & Erb, K (2016). How do format and timing of follow-up surveys affect evaluation success? Journal of Extension, 54(1), 1RIB1.

       Ghimire, N., Koundinya, V., & Holz-Clause, M. (2014). Government run vs. University managed agricultural extension: A review of Nepal, India, and the United States. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 3(5), 461-472.

       Koundinya, V., & Martin, R. (2013). In-Service needs for educational processes skill training of U.S. food safety extension educators. International Journal of Scientific Research in Education, 6(2), 117-127.

       Dollisso, A., & Koundinya, V. (2011). An integrated framework for assessing oral presentations using peer, self, and instructor assessment strategies. NACTA Journal, 55(4), 39-44.

       Koundinya, V., & Martin, R. A. (2010). Food safety inservice educational needs of agriculture teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 51(4), 82-91.