News About Spring 2023 HDE Practicums (updated 1/30/23)

UPDATED ANNOUNCEMENT:  The pandemic-related flexibility for practicums ends this 2022/23 academic year with spring/summer 2023 graduates.  Students graduating by the end of Summer 2023 have options to satisfy the HDE practicum requirement.  They may either take one of the offered HDE practicum courses (HDE 140L, 141, 142 or 143) OR another upper division HDE course not already being used to satisfy another area.  Fall 2023 or later graduating seniors MUST plan to take one of the four offered practicum courses (HDE 140L, 141, 142 or 143) prior to graduation.

Spring 2023 HDE 140L Practicum - "Lab in Early Childhood"       

****Google Form will open for placement requests from declared HDE majors on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 ****

This is a 4 unit, in-person, letter graded course consisting of a 2 hour weekly discussion and 7 hours of weekly on-campus in-person field work with young children in the UC Davis Center for Children & Family Studies (CCFS) Early Childhood Lab (ECL).  View the ECL's website for details, including required vaccines, safety precautions and locationCCFS Early Childhood Lab School in the News!

HDE 140L has three section options:

  • Section 001 Infant/Toddler: Discussion and labs located on-campus at CCFS 244 1st Street, Davis
    • Discussion:   R 1:10-3:00P
    • Lab Time Options: MW 8:15-11:45A or TR 8:15-11:45A
  • Sections 002 & 003 Preschool:
    • Discussion:   R 4:10-6:00P; classrooms: Section 002 in 117 Olson and Section 003 on-campus at CCFS 244 1st Street, Davis
    • Lab Time Options: MW 8:15-11:45A,  MW 12:30-4:00P, TR 8:15-11:45A,  or TR 12:30-4:00P.  All labs located on campus at CCFS 244 1st. St., Davis

How to Request Placement in a Spring 2023 Practicum     

  • Complete details will be emailed to the HDE listserv on 1/30/23 and in weekly newsletters thereafter. Only declared HDE majors are eligible to be on the listserv. and request S23 practicum placement. 
    • Ensure eligibility: Must be declared HDE, upper division standing (or rising junior by F23), completed pre-requisite course or currently enrolled in Winter 2023, and have an HDE-approved graduation plan in OASIS not older than April 2022.
    • Submit request via Google Form HERE The form will remain open indefinitely to fill open seats and for wait list purposes.
    • Placement status notifications are emailed to students from Rachael Crotty and Kelly Twibell within approximately 1-2  weeks after submitting Google Form request. 
    • CRN will be provided the first week of instruction to placed students who completed all necessary on-boarding requirements. All students are encouraged to register for a placeholder course that they can drop later if placed in a practicum, or to keep if they are not placed in a practicum.
    • If not placedThe next offered practicums (HDE 140L and HDE 141) will be in Fall 2023.  To request placement, students must submit a new Google Form before Pass 1 for Fall 2023 (during spring quarter). 
    • Reminder: Students graduating by Summer 2023 may take an alternate upper division HDE course to satisfy the practicum requirement.

Scroll further for details about HDE practicum courses.

HDE Practicum

Human Development requires the completion of one 4 unit HDE practicum course. Each of the four offered practicums (HDE 140L, 141, 142 and 143) cover different age groups from infancy to older adults and are offered throughout the regular academic year in fall, winter and spring (never offered in summer). All practicums require an on-campus classroom discussion and field work hours (aka internship) at an approved site.  Prior to the start of the quarter, all field sites and placed students must devise a remote contingency plan in the event of a field site closure.  (If shelter-in-place orders are in effect, the courses and required field site participation will be altered accordingly as per Department guidelines).


Enrolling in Practicum:

  • Have a recent and approved graduation plan in OASIS (within 1 year from the beginning of the requested practicum) – refer to “Important Notice” below for more details
  • Submit a request for practicum via a Google Form, which will be *emailed to the HDE listserv one week prior to the start of Pass 1 appointments
  • Be notified of placement in practicum by Internship Coordinator approximately 1 week after Google Form closes
  • Attend mandatory information session.
  • If applicable, find and secure approved field site, complete background and health clearance, if required by field site (if shelter-in-place orders are in effect, alternate arrangements will be shared with all placed students).
  • Submit completed contract/paperwork to Internship Coordinator by deadline, receive CRN in return
  • Register in Schedule Builder with CRN by deadline (first day of class)

*Detailed instructions and links will be emailed to the HDE listserv approximately 2-4 weeks  and again one week prior to the start of Pass 1. Declared HDE current and rising juniors and seniors are eligible to request placement (refer to HDE 143 for exception to being declared).


Practicum Courses:

 NOTE:  Currently, all practicum courses (HDE 140L, 141, 142 and 143) will be offered in the 2023-24 academic year, but are subject to change. As of 1/30/23, the following courses are planned to be offered in 2023/24:

  • HDE 140L (previously HDE 140/140L) "Laboratory in Early Childhood" involves working with infants, toddlers and preschool children at CCFS which is the UC Davis child development center located at 244 First St. (between A & B St.). This practicum requires 7 hours a week working with children at the center, and is offered all three quarters: fall, winter and spring. HDE 140L is a 4.0 unit letter-graded course. 

The HDE 140L practicum includes on-campus discussion (formerly HDE 140) and field site hours (formerly 140L).  The CRN to register for this course will be given to placed students after the request,  placement and on-boarding process has been completed during the 1st week of instruction.

*To request HDE 140L, follow the instructions in the emails that are sent to the HDE listserv prior to the start of Pass 1. After submitting your request via Google Forms, you’ll be notified of your placement status (placed or wait listed).  For placed students, CCFS staff will instruct you to submit additional required forms and to confirm your lab time slot. If you have particular questions about how the course is implemented, you may contact CCFS directly.   Note: This course will be offered in fall, winter and spring in 2023/2024.

  *HDE 140/140L Course Structure Change:  The structure of the HDE 140 + HDE 140L practicum changed effective Winter 2021.   This revised practicum course is now called “HDE 140L: Laboratory in Early Childhood,"  which includes discussion and field work, and is a 4.0 unit letter graded course.  If you took and passed HDE 140 + 140L in F20 or earlier or HDE 140L in W21 or later, then you satisfied your practicum requirement.

  • HDE 141 involves working with children in K-12th grades, and usually involves working in a school setting as a teacher’s assistant. This practicum has a mandatory weekly on-campus classroom discussion in addition to off-campus field work (aka internship), and is usually offered twice per year, but may be offered different quarters so check the HDE course schedule for these updates.  HDE 141 is a letter-graded, variable unit (4.0-6.0) course, but offered for 4.0 units during 2021- Spring 2023. 

              *To request HDE 141, see belowNote: This course will be offered in F23 and S24 in 2023/2024.

  • HDE 142 involves working with emotionally distressed children and adolescents, typically in a 1st -12th grade setting. HDE 142 consists of a weekly on campus classroom discussion as well as an off-campus field site (aka internship). Field sites typically are in 1st –12th grade classroom settings or in programs working with at-risk youth. This practicum  is a letter-graded variable unit (4.0-6.0) course.  

              *To request HDE 142, see belowNote: This course will be offered in W24 in 2023/2024.

  • HDE 143 involves working with the older adult population.  HDE 143 consists of a weekly on campus classroom discussion as well as an off-campus field site (aka internship). Field sites typically are at senior living communities or in senior health settings. This practicum is a letter-graded variable unit (4.0-6.0) course.      

    An exception to being declared in the HDE major may be available if space allows. If you are completing the Aging and Adult Development minor AND you’ve taken the pre-requisite class(es), you may submit a request for this practicum by contacting the HDE Internship Coordinator directly. Placement is not guaranteed as priority must be given to declared HDE students.

        *To request HDE 143, see belowNote: This course will be offered in W24 in 2023/2024.


*To request HDE 141, HDE 142 and HDE 143 practicums, follow the instructions in the emails that are sent to the HDE listserv prior to the start of Pass 1 appointments. They will also be included in weekly newsletters leading up to Pass 1 and beyond.  After submitting your request via Google Forms, you’ll be notified of your placement status (placed or wait listed).  Students who are placed in a practicum must meet for a mandatory information session where you’ll receive additional instructions and resources for finding and securing an appropriate field site. To receive the CRN and to finalize your registration in the practicum, you must secure a field site and submit the class contract to the Internship Coordinator no later than the first day of class. Most sites require a background check and health clearances prior to starting. Additional information will be provided during the mandatory information session.

If you missed the initial request process, the Google Form will remain open indefinitely for wait list purposes.


Important Notice:

Ensure that your approved HDE graduation plan is current and in OASIS before request submission Google Forms go live before Pass 1. If you do not have an approved graduation plan or if yours is outdated, draft a new plan in OASIS, schedule an advising appointment with one of our HDE academic advisors ASAP and submit your Google Form request.  You will not be placed if you do not have a current, approved HDE graduation plan or a scheduled appointment in OASIS. 

Schedule Appointment to Complete Graduation Plan:

If you need to create an updated graduation plan with an HDE staff advisor, visit to self-schedule, drop-in remotely to Thursday morning Ask an Advisor or call (530) 752-1805 for assistance.


Contact the internship coordinator, Rachael Crotty, by calling (530) 752-1321,  dropping-in remotely to Thursday morning Ask an Advisor or emailing (emails will receive a delayed reply due to the large volume regularly received).