Fall 2020-Summer 2021 Practicum Questions

  • How many upper division classes do I need to take instead of the practicum?
  • You only need to take one! For example, instead of the practicum class HDE 141, you could take HDE 198: Children in Families, Schools, and Communities. It is possible you were planning on taking more than 4 practicum units. You will still need to pay attention to total unit counts toward graduation, but you don’t need to take more than one upper division class to satisfy the practicum requirement.
  • Which classes can I take instead of the practicum?
  • There is no list of specific courses that satisfy as a replacement course, because any HDE upper division course (e.g. HDE 110, HDE 160, HDE 198, etc.) will qualify provided it is not also being applied to another HDE depth subject matter requirement such as cognitive, biological, restricted electives, etc.  For example, it you’re taking HDE 110 to satisfy HDE restricted electives, you cannot double dip by also considering it as a replacement course in lieu of a practicum.  In this case, you must select a different upper division HDE course.  When in doubt, ask an advisor in the HDE Advising Center

    To view a list of all HDE courses, you can visit our website in the “Academic Planning Resources” section. Specific suggested hyperlinks are listed below. 

              2020/21 Annual Course Plan - this lists what quarter an HDE course will be offered

              HDE Course Schedules – this tells you details (what/where/when/who); select desired quarter, last update was in April 2020, but this will soon be updated to reflect the practicum changes.  All HDE 198 courses are listed.

              Announcements created and updated by Prof. Leah Hibel, HDE Faculty and Program Director.  Scroll to bottom for list of all online courses being offered in F20.  This list is not finalized, but fluid and will be updated as potentially more courses are added.

  • If I am graduating after summer 2021, do I still need to take a practicum?
  • At this point, we have only canceled the practicum requirement for those graduating this upcoming year and summer (F20, W21, S21, Su21). Meaning, if you are graduating in fall 2021 you are still required to take a practicum. It is possible we might change that requirement. But at this point we have only waived the requirement for the graduation terms listed in the video. We are still offering HDE 140L every quarter this year, and plan to offer HDE 140L in F20.
  • Does the revised online HDE 140/L class also require lab times? 
  • No.  There are no additional lab times for which you must plan.  The only day/time consideration is if you request and are placed in section 2 which requires Tues./Thurs. 4:10-5:30pm online meeting attendance.  All assignments and activities will be done remotely and will be further explained in the syllabus once F20 begins.
  • How many units is the revised HDE 140/140L practicum?
  • HDE 140 is 2 units and HDE 140L is 3 units so altogether this practicum is 5 units in F20.   

HDE 198 Classes

    • I’m taking HDE 198 Spring Quarter 2020, what does the class count for?
    • HDE 198: Thriving Across the Lifespan can count as a Restricted Elective class, a Sociocultural Processes class, or a Cognitive Processes class, but it cannot be placed in more than one area. HDE 198 does not fulfill the childhood/adolescent or the adulthood class requirement.
    • Can I take more than one HDE 198?
    • Absolutely! You can take as many HDE 198 classes as you would like. The one thing to pay attention to, is making sure you don’t take the same 198 class twice. Last year we offered HDE 198 Stress, Adversity, and Resilience. If you took this class last year, you cannot take it again this year. Other than that, you can take as many as your schedule permits. These different 198s can then be used to satisfy different major requirements. Meaning for example, you could take HDE 198: Stress, Adversity, and Resilience to satisfy the biological requirement; and HDE 198: Children in Families, Schools, and Communities to fulfill the practicum requirement.
    • Do the HDE 198 classes fulfill the Childhood/Adolescence or the Adulthood/Aging requirement?
    • We are not sure if we are able to make that substitution. It will take approval from the Dean’s office.  We are working with the Dean’s office to find out more. Stay tuned.
    • Are the HDE 198 units adjustable? Why are they listed as variable units?
    • Although Schedule Builder allows a variable unit option for HDE 198s, they cannot be taken for more or less than 4 units. The workload of the course is of an upper division level 4 units course. The enrollment will be monitored to ensure all students are enrolled in the correct units.
    • When I register for HDE 198, it says P/NP, can I take this class for a grade?
    • By fall quarter, all 198 classes will become letter grading only. To reinstate the P/NP option by the usual P/NP (or S/U) deadline (the 25th day of instruction, Nov. 3, 2020 for fall quarter), students must take a copy of the syllabus to the Office of the Registrar and file a 'Grading Variance Exception' petition. After this deadline, students must go to the Dean's Office first for approval to modify the grade option since it has become a late action.

    • What does, “check section times” mean on the table with the online classes?
    • Classes that state “check section times” means that these classes have online discussion sections or lab. On the table the times for the main class is listed. If you take this class, please be aware that there is also either a lab or a discussion section that will also be online. You will need to make yourself available for that time as well as the main class time.
    • Will you also offer new 198 classes in Winter 2021?
    • Yes! You can check this list. We are planning on offering new classes EVERY quarter this year!! In the Winter we will offer Social Relationships across the Lifespan; Health Behaviors across the Lifespan; and Stress, Adversity, and Resilience. In Spring we will offer Thriving across the Lifespan. By that time these might be official classes with real course numbers, rather than the generic 198. Stay tuned for more info on those classes as we get closer.
    • Where can I find the CRN for HDE 198 classes/How do I register for the new 198?
    • You can find CRNs on our website– look on “Announcements” or “HDE Course Schedules” pages where they are listed.  Enter that CRN into the Schedule Builder search, click “actions” and “register.”  There will be a note that the consent of the instructor is required. This is just a general note for all 198 courses. You are not required to reach out to the instructor of the course before registering for the course. You are only able to add the course/s to your schedule during your pass time. If having difficulties, please contact our advising staff for assistance.
    • What are the topics of each HDE 198 course?
    • You can find all information on our website.  Click on “Announcements” (scroll to bottom) and “HDE Course Schedules” pages where everything is listed.

    Advising Office & Appointments

    • What’s going on with advising since the office is closed?
    • Advising appointments are still going on! You can meet with Jana or Galyna, as peer advisors are unable to hold meetings since the office is closed. You can make a remote appointment with Jana on OASIS still, or you can contact Galyna or Jana to schedule an appointment. Peer advisors are available for questions and can be reached at HCDadvising@udavis.edu.
    • What should I do if I just have a quick question and don’t need a whole appointment?
    • For the time being (Spring Quarter 2020), send an email to HCDadvising@ucdavis.edu, which is how the peer advisors can be reached to answer questions that you have while we’re all social distancing. You can expect a response from them within 48 hours during normal business hours (9AM-5PM), and any questions sent in on the weekends should receive an answer by early the next week. You can also call (530) 752-1805 to reach our advising assistant (and the general office once campus is open) to help direct you to any resources you may need!

    Graduation Planning

    • When can I make my graduation plan?
    • Graduation plans can be made once you’ve reached Junior standing (90+ units). You can make them with a peer advisor or academic advisor, but an academic advisor will need to review your study plan you make with a peer advisor in order to approve it.

    • How can I do my degree check when I’m close to graduating (the quarter before)?
    • You’ll need to meet with Galyna to do your degree check and make sure you’ve done everything you need to do before you graduate. You can call Galyna at (530) 752-2244 or email her at gerdman@ucdavis.edu to set up an appointment to complete your degree check. Usually, the quarter before you’re planning on graduating is the best time to do your degree check, especially if you’ve registered for your last classes.

    Internship, Practicum & Research

    • Are HDE 192 and HDE 199 (HDE 92 and HDE 99) being offered Spring Quarter 2020?
    • HDE 92 & 192 units for internships are not being approved for Spring Quarter 2020 because of the ongoing situation with coronavirus and campus closures. HDE 99 and 199 units for research are still being accepted, contracts and info can be found here. Email Jana Krezo at skrezo@ucdavis.edu if you have further questions.
    • I’m planning on taking my practicum soon, what do I need to do?
    • The details on what are necessary to request the practicum can be found here. To summarize, you need a current, approved graduation plan when you request the practicum. This means you’ve met with an advisor and planned out your courses until you graduate within a year of starting your practicum (for example, an approved graduation plan from May 2019 would be sufficient to request the practicum in Spring Quarter 2020). Then, when our internship coordinator emails out the practicum request form, you can fill it out and wait for an email on your placement in a practicum. Only registered HDE juniors and Seniors can take practicums. 
    • Can I do my Practicum over the Summer?
    • No, practicums are only offered during Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. 
    • Can I do a second Practicum?
    • No. However, you can continue at your field site the quarter after your practicum takes place and get HDE 192 units. You’ll need to talk to both your supervisor and our internship coordinator.