1. Human Development Minor
​​​​​​    2. Aging & Adult Development Minor

The Human Development minor is useful for students planning a career in the human services (such as teaching, social work or occupational therapy) and majoring in other disciplines. The minor allows students to focus on a limited part of the life span (infancy through adolescence or infancy and adulthood), to select the cultural context of interest (the family or cross-cultural emphasis) and to select courses that would provide information specific to their career goals (a consideration of cognitive development or of varieties of developmental disabilities, for example).

The minor is also useful for students planning marriage and parenthood, as it gives them an opportunity to gain information about normal development, family structure and changes throughout the life cycle.

Declaring Minor:

  1. Review the Minor requirements below. 
  2. Submit the Minor petition on OASIS after you have enrolled in the last class.

Note: Only one course from the list of classes for the minors below can overlap between your major and minor. PSC 140 is not accepted for HDE minor. All minor classes must be taken for the letter grade. If you elect more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common.  

For questions regarding the Human Development Minor or the Aging and Adult Development Minor - email an HDE advisor or come by to the Zoom drop-in advising. See the HDE Advising Center page for details.

Human Development Minor 


HDE 100A Infancy and Early Childhood 4 units
HDE 100B Middle Childhood and Adolescence 4 units
ONE of the following:  4 units  
HDE 100C Adulthood and Aging  
HDE 110 Contemporary American Family  
TWO of the following: 8 units  
HDE 101 Cognitive Development  
HDE 102 Social & Personality Development  

HDE 103

Cross-Cultural Study of Children  
HDE 130 Developmental Psychopathalogy  
HDE 132 Individual Differences in Giftedness  
HDE 161 Technology Use, Health, and Aging  
HDE 163 Cognitive Neuropsychology in Adulthood/Aging  
HDE 198 Any HDE 198 will count toward the minor.
More than one differently titled/section 198 may be taken
New upper-division HDE courses: Including HDE 104, 111, 112, 131, 133, 134, 135, 137 & 180.  
TOTAL = 20 units    

Aging & Adult Development Minor 


THREE of the following: 12 units  
HDE 100C Adult Development and Aging 4 units
HDE 117 Biodemography of Longevity 4 units
HDE 143 Field Studies of the Elderly 4 units
HDE 160 Social Aspects of Aging 4 units
HDE 161 Technology Use, Health, and Aging 4 units
HDE 163 Cognitive Neuropsychology in Adulthood and Aging 4 units
TWO of the following: 6-8 units  
HDE 110 Contemporary American Family 4 units
EXB 117 Exercise and Aging in Health & Disease 3 units
PSC 121 Physiological Psychology 4 units
PSC 123 Hormones and Behavior 4 units
PSC 126 Health Psychology 4 units
PSC 130 Human Learning and Memory 4 units
18-20 units