HDE Internship Units

NEW Requirement (Criteria)

HDE 092  and HDE 192 units now require interns and their supervisors to plan for remote work in the event of site closures due to COVID-19 or other similar occurrences.  This must be addressed on all internship contracts prior to obtaining faculty advisor's signature. 

Internship Courses

HDE majors are required to complete a practicum, not an internship (HDE 192), prior to graduation. However, if you wish to also complete an HDE 192 internship, maximum of 4 units may be applied towards your restricted electives.

To qualify for HDE 192, you must be a declared HDE major in upper division standing, meaning you have completed a minimum of 90 college units. Junior transfers may have over 90 college units, but it is not recommended you complete an internship for units prior to your 3rd quarter at UC Davis.

  • HDE 092: Students in lower division standing, completed less than 90 college units, will only be applied towards overall 180 graduation units and not towards any major-related units. P/NP grading only. Offered fall, winter, spring.
  • HDE 192: Students in upper division standing, completed 90 or more college units, will be applied towards overall 180 graduation units AND can be used towards major requirements (maximum of 4.0 units can be applied towards HDE restricted elective units). P/NP grading only. Offered fall, winter, spring.

Academic and Hour Requirements:

  • Reading and writing assignments as assigned by faculty sponsor 
  • 4.0 units requires 120 hours of internship 

HDE Practicums: See HDE Practicum (HDE 140/140L, 141, 142, 143)


You must be officially declared in the HDE major, and the internship must:

  • be located off campus (UCDHS sites qualify)
  •  include remote internship contingency plan in the event the student's internship site closes due to COVID-19 or other similar occurrences.  This will be required in advance and must be clearly stated in the internship contract/work plan prior to faculty sponsor approval.  This new requirement will allow the intern to complete their internship units without having to drop the course, take a NP or request an incomplete.
  • directly relate to your major
  • relate to your career interest
  • provide you with new, professional-level transferable skills (no clerical - filing, re-organizing e-files, etc.; no basic, routine tasks such as handing out blankets at a shelter)
  • be supervised by someone in the field with at least their Bachelor’s degree and appropriate certification/credentialing according to their field’s requirements
  • allow 4.0 unit internship in fall, winter or spring
  • be pre-approved by the HDE Internship Coordinator in 1303 Hart Hall prior to the quarter in which you plan to request units

Steps for Receiving Units

  • Find internship that meets above criteria (meet with internship coordinator in 1303 Hart or remotely if assistance is needed)
  • Schedule appointment with internship coordinator via OASIS here or call (530) 752-1321 to schedule  (if approved for units, obtain blank internship contract)
  • Meet with internship supervisor and faculty sponsor (as assigned by internship coordinator) to complete contract
  • Return completed contract to internship coordinator by 10th day of instruction during academic year (fall/winter/spring), and in exchange receive CRN (no appointment is necessary)
  • Add course with CRN no later than 10th day of instruction (fall/winter/spring)

Resources for finding internships, jobs or volunteer opportunities


Contact the internship coordinator (Rachael Crotty) by calling (530) 752-1321, self-scheduling an appointment through OASIS or by emailing hcdinternships@ucdavis.edu.  Please note that emails may receive a delayed reply due to the high volume regularly received.