1. Understand, evaluate and apply social scientific principles to societal development issues.
  2. Interpret and analyze oral information, written texts, and data sets informing solutions to societal development issues.
  3. Capacity to work individually and within groups to produce written analysis and oral presentations regarding societal development issues.
  4. Teach skills necessary for independent, original, and entrepreneurial action.

Measurement of goal achievement

During their academic career, CRD students should complete the following in their classes (each point addresses the similarly numbered point under objectives):

  1. The overarching teaching goals of the major are presented and evaluated in CRD 1 and CRD 152.
  2. All goals are pursued with different emphases and pedagological styles in each upper-division class.
  3. Each student will have written a number of major research papers (15 pages or more) during their educational experience (CRD 118, 140, 151, 152, 154, 158, 162, 164, 172, 176, 180).
  4. Each student shall have prepared a group research paper, which was presented to an audience (CRD 164).
  5. Each student shall have made a presentation of their research results (CRD 118, 140, 141, 151 voluntary presentations made be about 40% of the students; CRD 152 and 164 with invited community representatives).