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Rosario Cortes


After graduation from CRD, Rosario Cortes took a position as a legislative advocate with the law firm Nossaman, Guthner, Knox and Elliott. There she provided legislative assistance on a variety of issues including water, natural resources and local government. Her clients included The City of Irvine, WateReuse Association, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, and the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency. -more-

--Rosario Cortes, Class of 1998
Alex Morin What I enjoyed and benefited most from taking CRD classes was the flexibility and the internship requirement. While taking the core CRD classes, my interests drew me toward urban planning, economic development and environmental policy making. The ability to take a wide range of courses gave me the chance to explore different subject matter and tailor the CRD major to my interests. After taking several courses in the Economic Development and Planning & Policy track, I was hooked. While in CRD, I got a planning internship with the City of Dixon. After graduating, I stayed with Dixon before finding a permanent position with Solano County.

--Alex H. Morin, Class of 2002
Kimmy Pang "Immediately after graduation, I sought a position in a high technology start-up. I loved working in a start-up because I had tons of opportunity for growth in learning & work experiences. I started in Office Administration and was quickly promoted in less than a year to a Human Resources position. Currently, I am a Medical Social Worker at Kaiser Permanente. My interest has always been to provide human services to the community; CRD gave me the tools to pursue a career in both HR and Social Work. With CRD in my background, I am fully prepared to tackle the work world."

--Kimmy Pang, Class of 1999
Jessica Schmidt Since graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Community and Regional Development, Jessica has gone on to pursue a career working with non-profits. She now works at Blue Garnet Associates, an organization dedicated to strategic planning among non-profits with an emphasis on social enterprise. She is working as an administrative/research assistant, assisting with proposals, data compilation, and interviews. -more-

--Jessica Schmidt