Below is a collection of resources developed by others that may be useful to members of our community. 

Advancing Inclusion and Anti-Racism in the College Classroom: A rubric and resource guide for instructors Blonder, Benjamin; Bowles, Timothy; De Master, Kathryn; Fanshel, Rosalie Zdzienicka; Girotto, Manuela; Kahn, Alexandra; Keenan, Trevor; Mascarenhas, Michael; Mgbara, Whitney; Pickett, Sarah; Potts, Matthew; Rodriguez, Marisella
This tool aims to support instructors in developing anti-racist approaches to course design and teaching practices in the undergraduate and graduate setting. It offers an accessible, and user-friendly entry-point for instructors interested in considering how their instructional choices impact student outcomes. The resource guide provides instructors a range of ideas and options to help instructors through a process of modifying their courses. The guide is meant for self- assessment, rather than for others to score courses or instructors, and is designed to facilitate progressive refinement toward anti-racist teaching over time.
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