Student Projects:


Graduate Students (Partial List):

Kelly Aiken, MED, UC Davis. (Thesis: Youth Participation in Urban Open Space Design") and MS in Community Development, UC Davis ("Participation Refocused: An Alternative Framework for Participatory Design")

Alexandra Ashton, MS in Geography, UC Davis.   (Thesis: "Effects of Community Gardens")   PhD Student, UC Davis.

Thomas Barron, MS in Transportation Technology and Policy, UC Davis. (Thesis: Clean Transit District for Yellowstone National Park"). Current Student.

Mary Bedard, BSLA, MS in Community Development, UC Davis. (Thesis: "Healthy Public Space") Current Position: Landscape Architect, Portland

Nathan Brightbill, MS in Community Development, UC Davis.   (Thesis: Sustainability and Housing Design")   Current Position.   MLA Candidate, University of Washington

Lisa Cashdan, MS in Environmental Psychology, City University of New York. (Thesis: "Community Open Space")   Current Position: Director, Social Capital and Philanthropy, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Christopher Congelton, PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy, UCD

Molly Ferrell, MS in Community Development, UC Davis. (Thesis: "Appropriation of Public Open Space") Current Position: Planner, Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)

Christophe Girot, BSLA, UC Davis; M. Arch/MLA, UC Berkeley.   Current Position: Chair of Landscape Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Margarita Hill, BSLA, MS in Community Development, (Thesis: "Culture, Form and Process: The Development of a Cultural/Learning Center in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico"). UC Davis Current Position: Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland

Stan Jones, BSLA, UC Davis (Senior Project: "The Davis Greenway Plan"); MLA/MCP, UC Berkeley  (Thesis: "Open Space and Environmental Equity: Designing for A Truly Democratic City"). Current Position: Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon.

Jayoung Koo, MLA (Korea), MS (Yale), PhD in Geography in Landscape Architecture Specialization, UC Davis. Current student.

Erin Lewis, MS in Community Development Student, UC Davis. Current Students.

Frieder Luz, MS in Community Development, UC Davis (Thesis: "Between Sidewalk and House: Suburban Frontyards"). Current Position: Professor, Landscape Architecture, Freising University, Germany.

Melinda Milligan, PhD Sociology, UC Davis.   Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Sonoma State University

Suzanne Monroe-Santos, MS in International Agriculture, UC Davis (Thesis: "Longevity in Urban Community Gardens").    Current Position: Director, Farm Market and Food Education, Sustainable Food Center, Austin, Texas

Angela Moskow, MS in International Agricultural Development. "The Contributions of Urban Agriculture in Havana, Cuba to Individual Control and Community Enhancement". 1996.

Lynn Paxson, PhD in Environmental Psychology, City University of New York.   Current Position: Professor of Architecture, Iowa State University

Andreas Reimann, MS in Community Development, UC Davis.   (Thesis: "Ecological Garden Design").   Current Position: Landscape Architect, Germany.

Ola Petersson, MLA, Lund University, Sweden (Thesis: "Santa Fe Park Competition").   Current Position: Landscape Architect, Stockholm, Sweden

Andrew Stone, MS in Environmental Psychology, City University of New York.   Current Position: Director, New York City Land Project, Trust for Public Land

Sagako Sugiura, MS in Community Development, PhD in Geography, UC Davis. Current student.

Beth Wilkinson, MS in Community Development, UC Davis. (Thesis: "Design and Satisfaction in a Retirement Community").


Landscape Architecture Senior Projects Supervised (Partial List):

Sam Allen, "Past, Present and Future: The Redevelopment Process of Oak Park" 2007.

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Kia Buford, "Making Space for Women". 1993.

Corrine Byers, "Drainage Ponds for Recreation and Wildlife". 1988.

Monica Cardoza, "A Vision for the City of Tulare: An Urban Design and Planning Study". 1990.

Don Carmickle, "Transportation Alternatives/Urban Parameters". 1993.

Leith Carstarphen, "Sustainable Landscape Architecture in the SF Bay Area: Case Studies of Successful Projects". 2003.

Rusty Case, "Designing for Security: Enhancing security around public buildings in the downtown without compromising their aesthetic qualities." 2003.

Kim Chan, "Landscaping for Hope: Further Development of the Kigali Memorial Centre, Rwanda" 2007.

Chris Chisam, "Vochatzer Multi-purpose Track and Field Stadium" 2007.

Helen Chu, "Yolo County Highway 16: A Mitigation, Conservation and Restoration Project" 2007.

Helen Chu, "Tong Hui He Canal China Redevelopment", 2008

Jennifer Clark, "Courtyard Healthcare Center Gardens". 1997.

Norita Collins, "Bay View Hunters Point Healing Art Center: Sanctuary and Peace Garden" 2007.

Lawrence Cuevas, "Self-Marketing and Job Hunting as a Graduating Landscape Architecture Student" 2007.

Tim Cunnane, "The Korean War Veterans Memorial National Design Competition". 1989.

Anne Dain-Owens. "The Affects of Language on the Perception of Landscape". 2003.

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Kate Green, "Little Flock Children's Home, India" 2007.

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Rachel Guedon, "Sightlines: Local Views of Landscapes". 2002.

Dennis Grunstad, "A Neighborhood Park for Vacaville, California". 1989.

Jill Hardesty, "The California Aesthetic: Understanding the Elements that Make California Living Unique to Design of a Residence in the California Style" 2007.

Ellen Harris, "Native American Patterns Within the Landscape: A Language of the Anasazi". 1990.

Andrew Haskin, "A Guidebook to Rendering with Sketchup and Photoshop: A Compilation of Techniques for the Aspiring Digital Artist" 2007.

Diane Hefner, "Putah Creek Campground, Yolo County". 1988.

Trena Heinrich, "Davis E Street Plaza" 2007.

Scott Hendrickson, "Bringing the Chinook Salmon Back to Putah Creek: An Ecological Fish Ladder Design for the Lake Solano Diversion Dam" 2007.

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