Sustainable Environmental Design Major (SED) Pre-Approved Upper-Division Electives


Students should develop their own clusters of elective courses for the SED major totaling at least 20 units, and are encouraged to meet with staff or faculty advisors for advice. The following courses are pre-approved; to get approval for others see the SED Lead Faculty Advisor.


Society, Culture, and Sustainability

Ecological Systems and Restoration

Design and Building

Government and Planning


Society, Culture, and Sustainability

ANT 101: Ecology, Nature, and Society

ANT 104N: Culture Politics of the Environment

ANT 127: Urban Anthropology

ANT 131: Ecology and Politics

CHI 130: United States-Mexican Border Relations

CHI 131: Chicanas in Politics and Public Policy

ECN 115A: Economic Development

ECN 115B: Economic Development

ECN 133Y: Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy

ECN 145: Transportation Economics

HDE 110: Contemporary American Family

PHI 109: Philosophy of the Social Sciences

PHI 120: Environmental Ethics

SOC 102: Society and Culture of California

SOC 143A: Urban Society

SOC 143B: Sociology of City Life

SOC 160: Sociology of the Environment

SOC 181: Social Change Organizations

SOC 185: Social Policy


Ecological Systems and Restoration

ENH 100: Urban Forestry

ENH 101: Trees of the Urban Forest

ENH 133: Woody Plants in the Landscape: Growth, Ecology and Management

ENH 160: Restoration Ecology

ESM 100: Principles of Hydrologic Science

ESM 108: Environmental Monitoring

ESM 120: Global Environment

ESM 121: Water Science and Management

ESM 131: Air as a Resource

ESM 141: Role of Fire in Natural Ecosystems

ESM 144: Trees and Forests

ESM 185: Aerial Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing

ESM 186: Environmental Remote Sensing

ESP 155: Wetland Ecology

ESP 160: The Policy Process

ESP 161: Environmental Law

ESP 162: Environmental Policy

ESP 163 /ECI 163: Energy and Environmental Aspects of Transportation

ESP 167: Energy Policy

ESP 169: Water Policy and Politics

ESP 170: Conservation Biology Policy

ESP 172: Public Lands Management

ESP 173: Land Use and Growth Controls

ESP 179: Environmental Impact Assessment

GEL 115: Earth Science, History, and People

GEL 130: Non-Renewable Natural Resources

GEL 134: Environmental Geology and Land Use Planning

LDA 150: Geographic Information Systems for Land Planners

LDA: Other upper-division LDA classes on a space-available basis.

PLS 130: Rangelands: Ecology, Conservation and Restoration

PLS 150: Sustainability and Agroecosystem Management

PLS 160: Agroforestry: Global and Local Perspectives

PLS 162: Urban Ecology

PLS 163: Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology

SSC 118: Soils in Land Use and the Environment

WFC 150: Urban Wildlife Ecology

WFC 151: Wildlife Ecology

WFC 152: Ecology of Human—Wildlife Conflicts

WFC 155: Habitat Conservation and Restoration


Design and Building

AHI 120A: Art, Architecture, and Human Rights

AHI 130: Landscape, Nature, and Art

AHI 155: The Islamic City

AHI 168: Great Cities

AHI 175: Architecture and Urbanism in Mediterranean Antiquity

AHI 184: Twentieth Century Architecture

AHI 187: Contemporary Architecture

AHI 188A: The American Home

AHI 188B: Architecture of the United States

ECI 123: Urban Systems and Sustainability

ECI 126: Integrated Planning for Green Civil Systems

ECI 127: Integrated Design for Green Civil Systems

ECI 161: Transportation System Operations

ECI 162: Transportation Land Use Sustainable Design

ECI 163: Energy and Environmental Aspects of Transportation

ECI 165: Transportation Policy

DES 127A: Sustainable Design

DES 127B: Studio Practice in Sustainable Design

DES 150A: Computer-Assisted Drawing for Designers

DES 150B: Computer-Assisted Presentations for Interior Architecture


Government and Planning

CRD 118: Technology and Society

CRD 140: Dynamics of Regional Development

CRD 141: Organization of Economic Space

CRD 142: Rural Change in the Industrialized World

CRD 147: Community Youth Development

CRD 149: Community Development Perspectives on Environmental Justice

CRD 151: Community Field Research: Theory and Analysis

CRD 152: Community Development

CRD 153: International Community Development

CRD 154: Social Theory and Community Change

CRD 156: Community Economic Development

CRD 157: Politics and Community Development

CRD 158: Small Community Governance

CRD 162: People, Work, and Technology

CRD 164: Theories of Organizations and Their Role in Community Change

CRD 171: Housing and Social Policy

CRD 172: Social Inequality

CRD 180: Transnational Community Development

POL 100: Local Government and Politics

POL 102: Urban Public Policy

POL 107: Environmental Politics and Administration

POL 108: Policy Making in the Public Sector

POL 109: Public Policy and the Governmental Process

POL 142A: Comparative Development: Political Development in Modernizing Societies

POL 142B: Comparative Development: Politics and Inequality

POL 171: The Politics of Energy


Note: Upper division undergraduates may take graduate courses with permission of the instructor that will count toward upper division electives.