Zhe Chen

Position Title

  • Human Development & Family Studies
1339 Hart Hall

Interests: Cognitive, Family, School
Life Phases: Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood

Courses Taught

Early Child Development

Cognitive Development

Culture & Children's Thinking

Select Publications

Chen, Z., & Siegler, R. S. (in press). Young children's analogical problem solving: Gaining insights from video displays. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Chen, Z. (2012). The learning of science and the science of learning: The role of analogy. In S. Carver & J. Shrager (Eds.), The journey from child to scientist: Integrating cognitive development and the education sciences. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Tsubota, Y., & Chen, Z. (2012). How do young children's spatio-symbolic skills change over short time scales? Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 111, 1-21.

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Chen, Z., Sanchez, R., & Campbell, T. (1997). From beyond to within their grasp: Analogical problem solving in 10- and 13-month-olds. Developmental Psychology, 33, 790-801.


Ph.D. University of massachusetts, Amherst.


M.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.