Jennifer Falbe

Position Title
Associate Professor of Nutrition and Human Development

  • Human Development & Family Studies
1355 Hart Hall

Interests: Culture/Neighborhood/Society, Healthy Retail, Intervention Research, Media, Nutrition, Obesity, Food Policy, Prevention Research, School, Sleep

Life Phases: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood

Dr. Falbe’s research focuses on studying programmatic, policy, and environmental interventions to prevent chronic disease and reduce health disparities. Dr. Falbe led an evaluation of the nation’s first soda tax in Berkeley, California. She has also examined primary care nutrition and physical activity interventions for underserved youth, healthy retail programs, multi-sector community interventions to address childhood obesity, and the impact of screen time on adolescent sleep and health. Dr. Falbe’s research employs quantitative and qualitative methods; experimental and observational designs; and primary data collection in clinical and community settings, such as in schools, child care centers, and grocery stores.

Current research projects:

  • Warning labels for sugary foods and beverages
  • Food and beverage environments
  • Food and beverage marketing
  • Food policy
  • Healthy retail
  • Online experiments
  • Food, climate change, and sustainability

Dr. Falbe is accepting applications from undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in gaining research experience in her lab.

Select Publications

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Sc.D., Nutrition. Harvard University

Sc.D., Epidemiology (dual degree). Harvard University


M.P.H, Public Health Nutrition. University of California, Berkeley


B.A., Public Health. University of California, Berkeley