Lisa M. Soederberg Miller

Lisa Miller

Position Title
Professor; Director of Adult Development Lab; Vice Chair

Human Development & Family Studies

1319 Hart Hall

Interests: Cognition, Social Cognition, Health
Life Phases: Adulthood, Aging

Courses Taught

Adult Development and Aging, HDE100C, HDE 200C

Field Studies in Aging, HDE143

Applied Cognitive Aging, HDE161, HDE207

Select Publications

Miller, L.M.S. (2009).  Age differences in the effects of domain knowledge on reading efficiency.  Psychology and Aging, 29, 63-74.

Stine-Morrow, E. A. L., & Miller, L.M.S. (2009). Aging, self-regulation, and learning from text. In B. H. Ross (Ed.), Psychology of Learning and Motivation (Vol. 51), 255-296.

Miller, L.M.S., Gibson, T. N., & Applegate, E. (2010). Predictors of nutrition information comprehension in adulthood.  Patient Education and Counseling, 80, 107-112.

Miller, L.M.S., Gibson, T. N., Applegate, E., & de Dios, J. (2011). Mechanisms underlying comprehension of health information in adulthood:  The roles of prior knowledge and working memory capacity.  Journal of Health Psychology, 11, 794-806.

Miller, L.M.S. & Bell, A. R. (2012). Online health information-seeking: The influence of age, ease of search, and information trustworthiness, Journal of Aging and Health, 24(3) 525-541.

Miller, L.M.S. & Cassady, D.L. (2012). Making Healthy Food Choices Using Nutrition Facts Panels:  The roles of knowledge, motivation, dietary modifications goals, and age. Appetite, 59, 129-139. 

Miller, L.M.S., Zirnstein, M., & Chan, P. (2012). Prior knowledge reduces age-related memory errors on nutrition education task, Journal of Health Psychology, 18.

Miller, L.M.S. (in press).  Quantitative Information Processing on Nutrition Facts Panels among Younger and Older Adults, British Food Journal.


Ph.D. University of New Hampshire.


M.A. University of New Hampshire.


M.A. Teacher's College, Columbia University.