Keith Barton

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

  • Human Development & Family Studies

Interests: Interaction of cognitive and personality variables, Developmental disabilities, Research methods of child development, Child rearing practices measures, Ability pattern correlates, Personality states and trials, Child abuse

Courses Taught

Research Methods in Human Development (HDE 120)

Psychological Assessment (HDE 121)

Research Methods in Human Growth and Hevelopment (HDE 220)

Select Publications

Barton, Keith; Baglio, Christopher Scott; Braverman, Marc T. (1994). Stress reduction in child-abusing families: Global and specific measures. Psychological Reports, 75, 287-304.

Barton, Keith; Baglio, Chris. (1993). The nature of stress in child-abusing families: A factor analytic study. Psychological Reports, 73, 1047-1055.

Barton, Keith; Wood, Sally. (1993). Psychological assessment from clinical research perspectives: Some empirical evidence for stereotypes. Journal of Social Behavior & Personality, 8, 27-42.

Barton, Keith; Masada, Karen. (1992). Perceptions of psychological researchers and clinicians: A questionnaire based on empirical data and theory. Perceptual & Motor Skills, 75, 172-174.


Ph.D., Peabody College. Nashville, Tennessee (now Vanderbilt University).


Ed.S., Child Psychologist.