Katherine Conger

Position Title

  • Human Development & Family Studies

Interests: Social-Emotional, Family, Health and Mental Health, Government/Social Policy
Life Phases: Infancy, Adolescence, Emerging Adulthood, Adulthood

Courses Taught

Sibling relationships across the lifespan (HDE 298)

Contemporary American Families (HDE 110)

Select Publications

Conger, K. J., Bryant, C. M., & Brennom, J. M. (2004). The changing nature of adolescent sibling relationships. In R. D. Conger, F. O. Lorenz, & K. A. S. Wickrama (Eds.), Continuity and change in family relations: Theory, methods, and empirical findings (pp. 319-344). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Barlett, P F., & Conger, K. J. (2005). Three visions of masculine success on American farms. Men and Masculinities, 7, 205-227.

Shebloski, B., Conger, K. J., & Widaman, K. (2005). Reciprocal links among differential parenting, perceived partiality, and self-worth: A three-wave longitudinal study. Journal of Family Psychology. Special issue: Sibling relationship contributions to individual and family well-being, 19, 633-642.

Conger, K. J. (in press). Sibling Relationships. In A. Hedblad (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences.

Donnellan, M. B., Tresniewski, K. H., Conger, K. J., & Conger, R. D. (in press). A three-wave longitudinal study of self-evaluations during young adulthood. Journal of Research in Personality.


Ph.D., Sociology. Iowa State University, 1993.