Graduate programs

Community Development

The Community Development Graduate Group at UC Davis offers a flexible, multi-disciplinary, two-year Master of Science degree in Community Development. The graduate group consists of 41 faculty from 18 different units on campus, all with shared interests in the well-being of people within many different types of communities in the United States and internationally.


The Geography Graduate Group at UCDavis offers an interdisciplinary academic program emphasizing spatial interactions between humans and the biophysical environment. Like all graduate groups at UCDavis, the GGG is its own entity, 'floating' above the academic departments on campus, incorporating the best faculty on campus from diverse, yet interrelated areas.

Human Development

Our unique graduate group system takes a interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to study development across:
The Lifespan: Infancy & Early Childhood, Middle Childhood & Adolescence, Adulthood and Old Age
Multiple Domains: Biological, Cognitive, Social-emotional
Diverse Settings: Family, School, Community, Culture, and Society