Class Support Office (CSO)

  • What is the CSO?

    • A place for students enrolled in LDA courses to checkout supplies

  • What can I check out from the CSO?

    • Supplies include (but are not limited to): architect + engineering scales, triangles, s-curves, measuring tape, t-squares, rulers, cutting mats, box cutters + x-acto blades, bond paper, trace paper, small calculators, erasers, pencils, pens, drafting dots, light tables

  • How long can I check out an item?

    • You may use an item overnight. Items checked out on Friday will be due Monday.

  • What are the penalties for not returning an item?

    • Students who do not return an item(s) will be banned from obtaining future supplies from the CSO.

  • Can I work at the CSO?

    • Hiring for the CSO is typically conducted in the spring quarter. See the program representative for details.


  • Who can check out keys to the building?

    • Admitted LDA students 

  • How do I check out a key?

    • See the program representative in 131 Hunt. You will receive a form that you will fill out and bring with you to Dutton Hall’s cashier’s office. You will also need to put a cash or check deposit down ($10 per key). Once you have paid the deposit, bring the verified key deposit form back to the program representative who will then issue you your key(s).

  • I am a preLDA or SED major, why can’t I check out a key?

    • This would violate safety policies. Admitted LDA students are allowed to check out keys because per ASLA accreditation standards, LDA students must have access to a studio space 24/7.

Printers + Plotters


  • Where are there computers I can use?

    • Depending on what type of student you are:

      • preLDA and SED: computers in 168 + 178, and the computer lab in 253 Hunt

      • LDA majors: studios 114, 120, and the computer lab in 253 Hunt

  • I am having computer issues. Who do I contact?


  • Who cleans the studios?

    • You are responsible for keeping your studio spaces clean. Quarterly, the CSO students will do a wipe down of the classrooms but you are expected to maintain the spaces in the interim