Course Planning & Making Your Schedule

  • Can I take my major or minor classes for P/NP?
  • No, all major classes, even with the new changes made to P/NP rulings, must be taken for a letter grade. However, if you are planning on taking any non-major classes (like FST 10, PLS 6, GEL 10, etc.), you can take those classes P/NP and still be able to use them for GE requirements. The deadline to choose P/NP as your grading for classes is June 4th, 2020, but again, all major classes (including restricted electives) need to be taken for a letter grade.
  • Are there any classes I SHOULDN’T take together at the same time?
  • Upper Division UWP (UWP 101, 102, or 104 series), HDE 120, and HDE 117 should NOT be taken together, as they are pretty intensive on their own and would not be fun/easy together. Try to put these classes in their own quarter with other HDE requirements to make a balanced schedule.
  • Should I take multiple science courses together?
  • It is up to you! If you believe that you can handle it, go ahead! However, just be aware that some of the science courses can be quite tricky, so if you know biology isn’t your best subject, it might not be a good idea to take BIS 10 and NPB 10/MCB 10 at the same time. Or if you know that you’re not great at math, taking STA 13 and another science course might not be a good idea. Try to create a balanced schedule with only one science of stats class at a time.
  • I’m Pre-Health, how should I make my schedule?
  • First and foremost, try to make it balanced! Try to put your science classes with HDE Major Requirements in order to have differences between your classes and not overload you with science courses. If you are going to come in for an advising appointment in the Advising Center, make sure you have all the courses that you need as pre-requisites for your intended career before you come into the appointment so we can put those into your schedule. And, most importantly, see HPA! They will be able to answer all your questions regarding pre-requisites, necessary GPA, extracurricular experiences, etc., that we won’t be able to answer. We can help plan out your class schedule, they’ll answer all your other questions regarding your health profession. 
  • How can I find out if/when an HDE class is/will be offered and who is/will be teaching?
  • All the HDE course offerings and their schedules by quarter are posted one quarter ahead on the course schedules page. Courses slated to be offered are posted a year ahead on the annual plan page. Course offerings are subject to change. Updates reflecting any changes are posted within a few days of finalization.
  • What’s the policy on Repeat Units? 
  • Information on repeating classes can be found here.

Major Classes

  • Do my AP test scores transfer as classes for HDE?
  • They can, but you need a specific score on each test in order to get specific course credit to use for the HDE major. 
    AP Psych: 5 for PSC 1 credit
    AP Bio: 3 or higher for BIS 10 credit
    AP Stats: 4 or 5 for STA 13 credit
    AP US History: 3 or higher for HIS 17A & 17B credit
    AP English: 4 or 5 for ENL 3 & UWP 1 credit (only one class counts for HDE)
    If you’ve taken an AP test and didn’t receive a high enough score for course credit, the corresponding course must be taken for a letter grade for the HDE major requirement.
  • What classes do I need to take before I can switch into the HDE Major?
  • You need to take:
    PSC 1
    ANT 1, 2, or 15
    STA 13, STA 10, PSC 41, or SOC 46A / 46B (Both SOC 46A and 46B must be taken for the major if this option is chosen)
    One of MCB 10, MIC 10, BIS 10, BIS 2A, NPB 10, NPB 12
    More info can be found here.
  • Can I take PSC 41 instead of HDE 120?
  • No. HDE 120 is a required class for the major and cannot be substituted. However, PSC 41 can be used as a prerequisite for HDE 120 and will also fulfill the Lower Division Statistics Requirement.
  • Do hybrid/online courses (PSC 1Y, UWP 104FY, etc.) count for the major even though it doesn’t show on MyDegree?
  • Yes they do! Even though MyDegree might not show that you’ve completed the requirement, if you’ve taken the course, you are all good!
  • Can STA 100 count for the Statistics requirement?
  • Yes! While it might not show up on MyDegree or the Major Evaluation Form, STA 100 is accepted for the Statistics requirement if you have taken it.
  • How do PTAs work for HDE classes?
  • All PTAs require instructor’s approval and are issued by the department’s advising office. After you obtain written permission from the instructor to add their HDE class, forward the instructor’s email to the advising assistant at from your UCD email.

GEs & Restricted Electives

  • Where can I get my GE questions answered/get a GE check?
  • If you have any questions regarding GE classes or if you need a GE check, please check in with the Dean’s office at 150 Mrak Hall. Although their physical office is currently closed, appointments can be made through OASIS or through
  • How do Restricted Electives work/What are Restricted Electives?
  • Restricted Electives are classes that you can take to further your learning in a specific area or in multiple disciplines. You are required to take 19-20 units (more is also okay) of Restricted Electives. The approved list of Restricted Electives can be found here. HDE 198 is also able to be used as a Restricted Elective even though it’s not the list.