Human Development Major (HDE B.S.)
BEFORE Fall 2021

All classes that you are taking to satisfy major requirements (i.e., lower and upper division classes, English classes, and restricted electives) must be taken for a letter grade.

Entry Requirements

UC Davis students who wish to change their major to Human Development must complete the following courses with a combined grade point average of at least 2.50 or higher and be in good academic standing: 

  • Psychology 1
  • Any one of the following Statistics courses: STA 13 or STA 10 or PSC 41 or SOC 46A&B
  • Any one of the following Anthropology courses: ANT 1, 2, or 15
  • Any one of the following Biological Science courses: MCB 10 or BIS 101; BIS 2A or 10; NPB 10, 12, or 101; PSC 101; MIC 10

Please watch the video below to learn the detailed steps you need to take to change your major to HDE or double major in HDE.

Preparatory Subject Matter

  • Anthropology: Any two of the following ANT 1, ANT 2, or ANT 15
  • Biology:  Any one of the following BIS 2A, BIS 10, MIC 10, or NPB 12
  • Genetics: Any one of the following MCB 10 or Bio Sci 101*
  • History: Any one of the following HIS 17A, HIS 17B, HIS 72A, HIS 72B or POL 1
  • Philosophy: Any two of the following PHI 5, PHI 15, PHI 30, PHI 31, PHI 32, or PHI 38
  • Physiology: Any one of the following NPB 10, NPB 101 or PSC 101 
  • Psychology: PSC 1
  • Statistics: Any one or two of the following STA 10, STA 13 or PSC 41 or SOC 46 A&B

Depth Subject Matter

  • Life Span Series: HDE 100A, 100B, & 100C 
  • Assessment: HDE 120
  • Biological Processes: Any one of the following BIS 101*, NUT 111AY(AV), PSC 121 or HDE 117
  • Socio-Cultural Processes: Any one of the following HDE 102, 110/110V, 130, 160 or 162
  • Cognitive Processes: Any one of the following HDE 101, 132, 161 or 163
  • Practicum: Any one of the following HDE 140L, or 141, 142, or 143
  • Restricted Electives: 19-20 units chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor or from approved list of courses

Additional brand new upper division HDE courses are being offered. Please check the HDE Announcements and this table for detailed information regarding the new HDE courses and the major requirement areas they satisfy.
Due to COVID and remote instruction, there are temporary flexibilities to the practicum requirement for students graduating by the end of Summer 2021. The HDE Announcements and the HDE practicum pages provide further details.

*BIS 101 cannot be used to satisfy both the prep and depth matter requirements. ** At least ONE course from among these groupings must focus on childhood/adolescence (HDE 101, 102, 110/110V, 130, 132) and ONE must focus on adulthood/aging (HDE 117, 143, 160, 161, 162, 163).

Written/Oral Expression

One year (3 quarters) of English (one course must be an upper division course at UC Davis or equivalent 4 year institution). Test given by Letters and Science not applicable.

Two courses from: ENL3, UWP 1, 18, 19, 101, or 104 A-D or E,  UWP 102, COM 1,2,3,4, NAS 5, or CMN 1                                                 

Additional English required course for Major: UWP 101, 102 series, 104 series

Restricted Electives for Depth Subject Matter

Restricted Electives