Brenda Bryant

 Brenda  Bryant


  • Professor Emerita
  • Human Development & Family Studies

Research Interests: Clinical child development from a competence and coping perspective; Family, school, and neighborhood influences on social/emotional development; Special consideration of child's perspective, human-animal bond, parental availability; Maternal employment; Peer relations; Middle childhood.


Interests: Social-Emotional, Family, School, Culture/Neighborhood/Society, Health and Mental Health
Life Phases: Middle Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood

Courses Taught

Parenting (HDE 13)

Emotionally Disturbed Children (HDE 130)

Field Studies with Exceptional Children (HDE 142)

Middle Childhood and Adolescence (HDE 200B)

The Context of Individual Development (HDE 238)

Consultation Approaches to Child Development (HDE 241)

Select Publications

Bryant, B.K. Children's coping at school: The relevance of "Failure" and Cooperative learning for enduring peer and academic success. In L. H. Meyer, H. Park, M. Grenot-Scheyer, I. S. Schwartz, & B. Harry (Eds.) Making friends: The influences of culture and development. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., 353-367, 1998.

Bryant, B.K. & Raskauskas, J. (2004). The internet as a tool for long-term program evaluation: Locating 'lost' individuals, Journal of Extension.

Bryant, B.K., Zvonkovic, A., Raskauskas, J., & Peters, C. (2004). Clarifying the world of work for our youth: Vocations, Careers, and Jobs. Youth Development Focus, A monograph of the 4-H Center for Youth Development, 2004 (Fall).

Bryant, B.K. (In press). Therapy process concerning teen employment. In C. Elias & L. Jameyfield, The Therapist Notebook: Resources for Working with Children. Binghamptom, N.Y.: Haworth Press.

Bryant, B.K., Zvonkovic, A., & Reynolds, P. (2006). Parenting in Relation to Child and Adolescent Vocational Development. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 69 (1), 149-175.


Ph.D., Psychology/Child Psychology. University of Minnesota.


Ed.S., Child Psychologist.