Our Project 2014-2015

sdfUC Davis participated in the EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge in 2013 and provided a compelling entry investigating the overall role of water in the context of green infrastructure. With California currently experiencing chronic drought conditions, the design team’s submission “Rain or Shine” last year looked at reducing landscape irrigation use and providing rain gardens along a transportation corridor on campus. Though this design submission was not recognized with an award last year, we think that this basic design idea of focusing holistically on water is still a very strong idea. See the 2013 design brief here.

For this year’s competition we will enhance and expand on this design premise and apply it to larger scale and highly visible portion of the campus. The idea is to enhance the current standing of UC Davis as a sustainable institution through the lens of green infrastructure and do it in a highly interactive way and visible way. The green infrastructure master plan will overlay onto the historical Quad designation of the campus as well as four major entry points into the UC Davis campus. Hence much thought and coordination will need to be given to surgically integrate new ideas within the historical context and access points of the campus.