Victoria Ngo (2007) has sent us the following examples. Thanks Victoria!

NYTORGET, STAVANGER, NORWAY with Mark Francis Summer 2006In 2006 I studied abroad throughout Scandinavia with American and Norwegian students from the University of Stavanger, Norway. We analyzed a site situated in an ethnic enclave of Stavanger called Nytorget. Locals find Nytorget to be a problematic location with dense automobile traffic, a high rate of drug use, and economic dependency on its nearby state owned liquor store. Our task was to redesign Nytorget in such way to address local safety concerns and attract more locals to the public space without compromising the region's ethnic identity. My group decided to close off street traffic and reroute parking in an underground tunnel, which is a common practice in Norway. We provided ammenities to help existing local businesses thrive and spaces for residents to play, relax, and people watch. These included outdoor dining for restaurants, large water features, and many seating steps for the significant grade change:


These are some pictures of an LDA 21 field trip in Fall 2004. We visited Chip Sullivan's house in Berkeley and took the BART to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

These are from Steve McNeil's LDA120 studio, using Vectorworks to create a mixed-use development on the corner of 3rd and C in downtown Davis:

LDA 170 with Mark francis and Michael Rios, Fall 2007:

Spring 2008 LDA 23 with Rennie Tang (the students' beautiful columnar posters are here):

Many of our studios create course web pages for archiving their work.