Prospective Students

Career and Graduate School Options

The most commonly asked question among Human Development students is "What can I do with my major after I graduate?" The answer is just about anything within human services and people-related fields. The major is broad and flexible, yet most people-service careers demand additional professional/graduate training. Students with a BS degree in Human Development can be employed in entry level/aide positions but salary is low and advancement limited without further education or training.

Many career opportunities are available to students who use the major as a stepping stone for further training. Career directions can be determined through academic coursework, field experience, internships and through interaction with resource people (i.e. faculty, community and campus staff). Since job opportunities vary, the marketability of one's educational background also varies. Currently, the health-allied fields of therapy work (i.e, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and recreational therapy) are quite marketable. Some areas of education are high-demand fields. The necessity for field experience in conjunction with coursework cannot be stressed enough. The more practical experience one has to complement undergraduate and advanced training, the more marketable one is.

Sample Career Options (doc)   (pdf)

Career and Graduate School Opportunities in Human Development

BS Only

  • Teaching as an aide in early childhood education programs
  • Entry level positions: e.g., governmental agencies, recreation departments, personnel departments

Graduate Work in Education

  • Single-subject credential
  • Bilingual education
  • Multiple-subject credential (elementary)
  • Special education credential (specialist credential)

Graduate Schools with a Health Science Orientation

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Schools of Nursing
  • Schools of Medicine
  • Schools of Dentistry

Good Preparation for Master's and Ph.D. in:

Human Development

  • Student Personnel

Child Development

  • Housing Administration
  • Social Welfare
  • Health Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Administration
  • School Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Counseling and Guidance

Here's one way to look at jobs with people and a few occupations related to each area:


  • Dentist
  • YM(W)CA
  • Teacher
  • Therapist
  • Doctor
  • 4H
  • Nurse
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Recreation Leader
  • Cook


  • Parent Educator
  • Lawyer
  • Family Planner
  • Nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • Social Worker
  • Parent Support & Counselor
  • Referral Services for Families with Special Needs


  • Directors
  • Coordinators
  • Consultants
  • Budgeters
  • Administrators
  • Grant Writers
  • Planners


  • Organizers
  • Resource & Referral Intervention


  • Health
  • Education Welfare
  • Adoption
  • Child Protective Services


  • Agencies for Health
  • Education and Welfare
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Lobbyists
  • Legislative Analysts
  • Higher Education Teaching
  • Research


  • Clothing
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Furniture
  • Housing